An Average Song

Destruction for Christmas

Monsters At My Door

PSO J318.5-22

"Fascinating Nature Facts"

"Black Hole Gun" by The Evil Robot From Beyond The Moon

"I Need To Write Fewer Lyrics"

"The Tree That Owns Itself"

"I Gave You My Heart" (Theme Song for the novel "Rose.")

"Let Your Backbone Disintegrate"

"I Read It On The Internet"

"Evil Robot Ain't Nothin' To Mess With"

"Barneymug the Buttons"

"This Is My Jam"

"Frak You, Smeghead!"

"Don't Google Your Symptoms"

"Listen To Wilhelm Scream"

"Ook!" said the Librarian"

"The Fifth Song On The Album"

"Don't Blink, Don't Panic, Don't Feed Them After Midnight" (New Vocal)

"Songs From A Pale Blue Dot" Song 1: "For All Mankind"

"Songs From A Pale Blue Dot" Song 2: "From Fiction To Fact"

"Songs From A Pale Blue Dot" Song 3: "And Yet It Moves"

"Songs From A Pale Blue Dot" Song 4: "Promised The Moon"

"Songs From A Pale Blue Dot" Song 5: "Poyekhali! (Light This Candle)"

"Songs From A Pale Blue Dot" Song 6: "The Loneliest Astronaut"

"Songs From A Pale Blue Dot" Song 7: "One Small Step"

"Songs From A Pale Blue Dot" Song 8: "Tranquility"

"Songs From A Pale Blue Dot" Song 9: "Martian Sunrise"

"Songs From A Pale Blue Dot" Song 10: "Guidance is Internal"

"Comic Sans is Always a Good Choice for Your Professional Graphic Design Project"

"Chrono-Synclastic Infundibulum"

"You Superhero Noised My Heart"

"Words That Sound Rude"

"Wrapper's Delight"

"Front Row Seat"

Live at See-Scape, October 5th, 2019

"Evil Robot From Beyond The Moon"

"Retweeted By A Minor Celebrity"

"Nap Hard"

"My Shoulderbag Smells Like B.O."

"Now You're Just an NPC"

"Roamin' In Wyomin'

"Time Loop Episode"

"Dear Die Hard"

"Happy Little Trees"

"Jimmy the Halloween Velociraptor"

"When I Am Galactic Emperor"

"End Credit Song"


"The Droid I'm Looking For"

"I Rolled a 20 When I Met You"

"Trilobites Are Awesome"

"Pizza and Ice Cream" (Meri Amber Cover)

"32 Lines About 24 Clones"

"Robots vs Monsters" full album

"Robots vs Monsters" CD Release Party!

No More Campers

Dragons Are Cool


Space Paranoids

OK To Go

I've Been In This Fight Since I Was Six Years Old

There Are Four Lights

Maximum Effort!

Alternative Facts

A Sea Monster Decided To Write A Song! What Happened Next Will Amaze You!

Don't Blink, Don't Panic, Don't Feed Them After Midnight

The Atheist's Christmas

Let's Get Some Shawarma

Give Up And Join

Welcome to the Shatterdome

Be Well, John Spartan

Moog is Love (Polysics cover)

Brain In A Tank (With Meri Amber.)

The Island Where the Floor is Lava

Simply Rock Into Mordor, Buffy Marathon, and Mixtape
Live at the "Mixtape" release party, May 7th, 2016

Oh, The Places I've Been

The Confunk: Live in Toronto, Feb 20th, 2015.

This is the intro that was shown on the projection screen at my live show last month. With bonus live performance of the Doctor Who theme. Dig that crazy fade. I'm like a video effects master now. Sweet.

Robot Invasion of Earth

Buffy Marathon

Simply Rock Into Mordor

The Confunk

Shark With Wheels and Hands

The Tech Support Blues

Reaver Attack

Damn Vampires