Kraken Not Stirred is a musical act which spans various genres,
writing songs about all manner of nerdy pursuits.
If you grok songs about science fiction, fantasy, computers,
conventions, and general weirdness, you've come to the right place.

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February 5th, 2018

I present to you, my cover of "Pizza and Ice Cream" my Meri Amber!

Meri is a geek pop musician from Sydney Australia and she's pretty OK for a human. I guess. You should probably listen to her stuff.

Check out the original version of "Pizza and Ice Cream" here.

February 1st, 2018

I am now a Twitch Affiliate!


January 30th, 2018

My latest song, "32 Lines About 24 Clones" is included on the latest edition of the Little Geek Lost podcast. Neat!

January 15th, 2018
New Song!

Orphan Black fans! Next time you're having an impromptu dance party with your sestras, be sure to rock out to "32 Lines About 24 Clones."

January 1st, 2018
2017 RECAP!

Hello, land-dwelling simians!

I'm given to understand that one of your human "years" has just passed so I thought I'd give you an end-of-year recap.

This year, I made my minion write and record an EP about robots fighting monsters.

He also made a free-to-download compilation EP with four other bands, about the movie Tron.

On top of all that, he released 12 additional masterpieces of my music!

They are:

Don't Blink, Don't Panic, Don't Feed Them After Midnight
A Sea Monster Decided to Write a Song! What Happened Next Will Amaze You!
Alternative Facts
Maximum Effort
There Are Four Lights
I've Been In This Fight Since I Was Six Years Old
OK To Go
Space Paranoids
Dragons Are Cool
No More Campers
The X-Men Xmas

He was interviewed by JR Talks to People, Thunder Geeks, Fandomania, and the "Interviews from Uranus" portion of The Things That Dreams Are Made Of.

He spread the word of my greatness at 8 conventions:

Toronto Comicon
Forest City Comicon
Quinte Mini Con
SF Contario

Played 4 live shows:

"Robots vs Monsters" Release Party
Kari Maaren's book launch.
Anime North

and, as if all that isn't enough, he began streaming on Twitch!

Also he built a purple guitar.

Holy frisky tentacles, that's a busy year! Perhaps I'll push him hard enough to finally kill him in 2018. We can only hope!

"Old News" is an oxymoron. But here it is, anyway.